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Balas de Coco

Que Derrete Na Boca

The name "Balas de Coco" translates roughly to "Coconut Bullets", or "Coconut Candies". Although the name implies that they are hard like bullets, in fact quite the opposite is true. They melt in your mouth! The traditional Bala de Coco is made from very few and very simple ingredients such as Coconut Milk and Sugar. 

Over time, Brazilian confectioners have gotten more and more creative with their Balas de Coco resulting in what we refer to as "Recheadas", which means "Stuffed" Balas. This is where the traditional Bala is folded around a delicious filling creating a rich, gourmet sweet. Our original Recheadas can be found in our Gourmet Menu!

The real quality, flavour and melt in the mouth texture is developed through the method of pulling and kneading the mixture over a period of time. This is time consuming and exhausting when done by hand, but this is the tradition and at Coco Brasil we are all about sticking to tradition!

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